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Fittings and accessories for inch tubes and provided with UNF / NPT threads

The range of Metal Work fittings and accessories gets widened by the introduction of fittings and accessories for inch tubes and provided with UNF / NPT threads, typically used in the North American market.

These are different types of push-in and MRF fittings, in brass version, for which Metal Work some time ago developed its own compact offer that keeps the OR underhead and allows assembly and disassembly several times.

Within the Line on Line family different items are now available in the 1/4" tube version (we remind you that the ø 4 mm tube is equivalent to 5/32" and the ø 8 mm tube is equivalent to 5/16") Furthermore, using the RU6 adapters between inch tube and UNF / NPT threads you get Line on Line with UNF / NPT male threaded connection.

Some adapters have also been added for UNF - metric threads, for NPT - Gas threads.

pdf Catalogue Push-In Fittings

pdf Catalogue Line On Line

pdf Catalogue MRF Compact N and O